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Looking for advice on whether I can order a wring harness.
After being stored and transported I reconnected the machine and upon connecting to the AC outlet the power rocker switch shorted and semi-melted the connector to the back of the rocker switch. I replaced the switch but it took some engineering to get the spade lugs to align again but when I finally got power to the machine and turned on the boiler switch that switch shorted (heard an electrical sizzle and plastic burn smell) and now I have no power to the boiler.(rocker switches still test out as good) I have taken connections loose and using a multimeter tested them for continuity, tried to visually find any places that might have insulation missing an possibly grounding against the machine with no luck.
Wondering what I should try next other than strip the machine for parts? Any troubleshooting tips would be appreciated.


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If you measure resistance across the power cord and both sides to ground, do you see a short as you turn the switches on? If so, disconnect one wire at a time till the short goes away. Start with the heater and other likely and easy to replace parts as you hope it's something like that.

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Thanks for the starter tip, working my way through the wiring.