La Spaziale Vivaldi steam boiler inlet

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Hi all,

I am cleaning a used Vivaldi and I have a question about the steam boiler inlet fitting. This one: ... ct-fitting

It is 2 pieces, the nut and threads (with o-ring) are one piece and the elbow with push connect are mated somehow inside the nut/threaded piece.

The 2 pieces seem a bit loose...the nut can swivel on the elbow. My question is whether the fitting will leak once it the machine gets up to pressure.

Many thanks in advance!



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Switch your machine ON and let it pressure up. I worked on my machine and had the same worry and still have no leaks.

I tinkered on a Reneka espresso machine and came across the same fitting. Also no leaks anywhere with the swivelling joint.

If there be leaks, you will notice it after the anti vacuum valve takes seat.

Good luck.

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Thanks. That gives me some confidence. I just didn't want to rebuild it if there was an obvious leak.


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I recently replaced the same fitting on my spaziale dream T. on my machine the elbow screws into the Ulka pump outlet. the elbow is designed to "rotate" which gives flexibility to align the tubing coming out of the John Guest press on fitting. a word of caution, i screwed the threaded end in too tight & it broke off a month later. Tech @ CC told me to just wrap threads with teflon tape & screw in "snug" into the pump fitting. I assume the goes for the boiler fitting you mentioned.