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Everything heated up. Boiler is at steady 1.2 bar

Boiler pressure from water line is almost 5 bar. I am guessing this has something to do with my problem.

I was thinking about checking the flow meter but I suppose I better fix my pressure issue before I start blaming other things.

One thing that I am not sure should be affected by pressure is the volume of water coming out of the group without a portafilter in There are 5 buttons. They all dispense the same amount of liquid. Also, the bar without a portafilter goes up to 7.5 from the 5 it is at resting.

Can anyone confirm anything I need to check? here are my first 3 shots...

*EDIT: I found a post that said between 40-70psi is acceptable. Mine is right under that mark. Something else must be wrong. I just tested resistance between the two small flow meters that go into the HX and it is reading 16.63 k and 11.64 k. That seems a bit high?


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glad to know i was wrong and the solution was more easy, it's strange your electric system allowed the power supply even with the ground bad connection, be careful.

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A couple more videos. I am not sure if everything is running as it should. My grind seems too coarse to cause more than 9 bar but I could be wrong. 16 grams also seems to be too much for this double basket. I get the hype about the triple for these machines...

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As you can see in the videos, the bar jumps up to 10 or a bit past before settling down to around 9 bar. Is this normal?

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I suggest you contact these guys: and request an owners manual, parts book, and electrical wiring diagram. You will need to provide them with the exact model number and serial number so have that handy when you make the contact.

As regards the fluctuation in your machine's pressure gage, that is indicative of a sluggish response from the pump's relief/regulating valve.

Eric S.
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Thanks Erics. I emailed them today.

I did check the flowmeters at the bottom of the unit and was getting a resistance between the positive terminals of 11.5 and 16.5 from one and the other. Does this sound normal? I took one apart and did not find any excess corrosion or anything.

According to this site, the reading from the + to the ground (or "0" I am assuming) should be around 2.2k. I don't remember getting any reading from either of the terminals. I wonder if something is wrong there as well.

Another sad thing that I found is that both groupheads have the "pod" kits installed on them so a small shower screen and large holes. That may explain some of the pressure when extracting as well.

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Giampiero wrote:it's strange your electric system allowed the power supply even with the ground bad connection, be careful.
Can't resist a little electrical safety teaching opportunity here ...

In North America, with split single phase wiring you have two phase* wires, each 120V with respect to ground, and in opposing phase (so you get 240V across the two.) So if you were to mis-wire a plug in a manner that attached the ground wire to one of the hot prongs, and therefore attached one of the hot wires to the grounding prong, you would have an almost working machine with 120V to all the electrical components, with the current running back to the panel via the earth grounding wire. Not so good. But the really really scary thing would be that instead of a ground wire you would have a 120V live wire connected the chassis of the machine, and could get a fatal shock from touching the chassis while grounded, say to a wet floor or via your other hand on the kitchen faucet.

A machine miswired like this on a working GFCI would immediately trip the GFCI when you turned it on.

*"phase" is what you often see in the espresso machine electrical hookup instructions. AKA hot, line, live, hot legs. Wires that can shock you.
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Thank you for the advice. I will never do something like that again. I am glad my floor wasn't wet!


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It is refreshing though to see you went for help when needed! You also picked up a multimeter and are learning how to use it. Two great things when it comes to working on old machines. Always know when to punt.

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I agree. It's about time I learned my way around electricity.