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This restoration keeps going, the parts i'm waiting are finally in transit and i expect them next week. Right now that's all i can do, i need them to mount the lever group.
I had a minor/major fright, time will tell, with the glass level... It wasn't secure when i was fasting it rotated and i chipped it in a extremity... Iuckly i'm safe for now but i will need to replace it in the future.


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Incredible work!

RuiReis (original poster)

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Thank's!!! 8)
You are kind and it's only possible because of you guys!! I have found an already answered question for almost any of mine.

RuiReis (original poster)

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I have already finished the resto!!! I have been drinking coffee from it in the last 15 days and i have to say it was worth all the time spent on it... It's delicious.

Although not having yet a proper tamper i found very easy to extract good espressos from it once i managed the grinder coarseness.

Presently i can only manage to take doubles because my 7 grams filter hits the sleeve and blocks the portafilter attachment. I already ordered other 7gr, this one has a groove and hoppefully it will give clearence to the cylinder sleeve...
My doubles are taken with a 26mm filter on wich i squeezze 15 grams of coffee. I don't measure the espressos extracted as i use coffee cups as the ones commercially used here and visually the coffee have the same volume.

The only issue it have is with the over pressure valve, it's a little noisy because it doesn't make a perfect seal and sometimes releases some water. I already have ordered a contemporany one and i will install too a temperature PID management.

The pressurestat, the machine part wich i fear most... functions perfectly. It isn't loud as i supposed and have a deadband of around 0.3bar. I have it sutting off the heater at 1bar.

I buyed coffee from a local. I tried a classic blend and it tastes great! I also bought an arábica bourbon from Rwanda and i start to know what you guys talk about... great stuff!

Here some photos from the first day!!!

Yes, i had the steam and the water tap switched, they are fine now... but i only noticed when i tried them :p

And i'm waiting this...
A gift from my father in law, i'm a good boy :D

So... Thank you guys, you helped a lot and such an inspiration!!!!!


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Looks great in and out congratulations. Machine looks contemporary.
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Thank you sir! My only credit is the colour, in my opinion helps to put it contemporary although the design is predominant in this matter.


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That looks amazing, congratulations! Now you need to post some shot videos to make us drool even more!

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What a beautiful machine!

Kudos to you for executing such a wonderful restoration!

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This is one of the top LSM rebuilds I've seen. You restored a machine that will be passed on to your children's children. Bravo!

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Looks great. Too bad you won't be seeing much of the fancy back of the machine where it's located.

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