La Peppina Corrosion

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Hi all, just picked up a beautiful yellow 1975 La Peppina. (One of) the main issues, however, is there is a large amount of corrosion. I know that this is common on the zamak, but this one is worse than others I have seen. Do you think it is salvageable?

Also curious to hear if anyone has had much success restoring these guys.


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That one looks pretty bad. I didn't have the time or inclination to do it to mine before I had to let it go, but if I really wanted to use it everyday I would have considered (paying someone else to, rather) a Teflon powder coat for the boiler and re-making another kettle out of stainless steel. Unknown about how the teflon coating holds up over time, but I'd rather that than corroded zamak.

Teflon coating: Peppina Redux
SS kettle: La Peppina Termomatica

The rest of the machine is simple to work on, albeit sometimes things get very stuck and the screws are quite soft. Be prepared to drill out and retap

espressiounius (original poster)

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The teflon coating is a good idea. Luckily, the enamel on the kettle itself is in pretty good condition, and I am not too worried about that.