La Pavoni Professional Wiring Diagram

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Someone asked on another post about a wiring diagram for a La Pavoni Pro. I had pictures but not a wiring diagram. These things are relatively simple, so I went ahead and made one. It's crude and colorless but I think it gets the job done. It also covers the fact that these can be wired differently with respect to live and neutral and that the switches on the pro don't seem to have a consistent 'right side up'.

Edit addition: Because I know that at least one person looked at the diagram and found it unclear, I'll further emphasize the issue with getting the cord wires to the correct side of the switch. Cord wires always go to the terminals close to the switch edge - in the pic below that would be the two bottom terminals. If you hook them to the two near the middle of the switch, the light stays on whenever the machine is plugged in.
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