La Pavoni Piza steam knob leaking

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Hey all,

I'm having some problems with my machine's steam/hot water knob. Yesterday I was able to turn it half a turn to activate the steaming but then closing it became impossible (just kept steaming until I shut off the machine), then once it's cooled down I was able to turn it back to the "off" setting

Figured it was just a small glitch, today the knob just keeps turning in empty never actually tightening

I attempted (as best as I could) to open up the machine to see what's actually wrong but removing that sucker is absolutely impossible, I tried yanking it out but it barely budges. How the hell did this guy in the vid actually open up the top of the machine? (he has it open at approx 30s in)
I'm assuming I need to open mine up to that level to actually fix what's wrong (maybe I should also mention that I have absolutely no clue what's wrong with the steaming knob, if it's some kind of gasket that's worn off? or some nut that needs tightening?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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So holy hell, what a journey this has been...

I brought my machine to a repair shop recently (in a previous post I tried fixing it myself but failed miserably)
The place I brought it to has been trying to find a piece that doesn't seem to exist anywhere and they returned me the same machine without being able to fix it themselves

The machine in question is the La Pavoni Piza ( ... 20List.pdf)
The main issue seems to be the screws between part #37 (on page 2) and the housing to part #34 (also page 2) is a metal on metal contact and the knob just turns endlessly without being able to close the valve due to wear and tear....notably water just keeps coming out of the frother when I turn the machine on.

The store I brought it to said they're still looking for the part to see if they can find it (if anyone from here knows of a good place that can get me that piece shipped to Canada the info would be 100% welcome). But what irks me the most is that it'll just be a temporary fix, I've had the machine for 5 years and use the milk steamer about twice a week, it's not too comforting that I'll have to go through all this hassle again in another 5.

Bar changing machines is there no way to fix what seems to be this design issue more permanently? I was wondering if there was some other form of valve that could exist, for instance a ball valve or something?

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Are you talking about the "Vite HI_LO TC 3,5x15" by any chance? a round head (TC Testa Cilindrica) metric bolt?
Where is the issue exactly, any pics?
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Thanks for the reply!

I unfortunately don't have a live picture but I was referring to the part on page 2 (you referred to the part on page 1)

It's the steam knob which is connected to a shaft and opens/closes a threaded valve for the steam wand to either be on or off. here's a trimmed pic of what I mean


Part #37 is just rotating endlessly, it used to be that I turned it about a quarter turn to turn it on and a quarter turn to close it. Now the steam wand just keeps dripping water when the machine is on since it's no longer closing properly
For reference we tried changing the gaskets too (parts 38 on the image above)

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If you dont find the part when you refer to that machine without pictures of the piece and the damage its difficult to figure out if the part was in common with other models.
However make sure you look for "piSa" not piza when you scour the net (or other names going around for it)
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It's also referred to as the Pavoni Espresso Inn, the machine is still sold and is on Pavoni's site.

it's been just such a headache trying to find the piece, I'll try to see if the service center took a picture of the part in question and post it here

To be honest the damage, from what I can tell is just the screws have been worn to nothing (just like let's say a water valve would be worn if you were to use it on a daily basis) kinda hard to explain I get it

Let me see if I can get the pics of it

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With "screws" you mean the threads?
is the damage only on this part (meaning is the housing ok or that is gone too)? and is the part like this one? (this is for the Puccino)
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that piece, the housing seems fine...from what the technician who took the machine apart said (although if I can find a compatible set that would work with my machine I wouldn't mind having both of them changed!)

Sorry kinda difficult to describe, so the threads on that piece you took a pic of are basically worn down (worn down enough even that that piece itself that you linked just keeps spinning endlessly, both clockwise and counterclockwise)

The part you linked would be part #6 of this diagram (on page 2) ... _parts.pdf

I have no clue if it'd even be compatible with my machine :(

This whole ordeal has just let me know that La Pavoni really has some odd design choices tbh...

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#9: Post by C-Antonio » replying to gregg141 »

Yes would be that part, I posted that one just because looked similar to the one in the diagram (albero rubinetto vapore in italian means steam valve rod, rubinetto is more a tap than a valve but some companies call it tap others valve... whatever... its just for you to know when you scour the net). Somewhat common as design and i have to say I never seen one wearing down the way you described, its basically something that can go on and on, unless there were other problems causing to wear down or it was defective since the beginning.

I have no idea if that would fit or not, the picture is from a parts store online, and that is like 3.70euros so go figure, shipping would be the biggest expense for sure, not worth it even considering you dont even know if it fits. Repair of the part is possible but for sure it would cost you more than the whole new part IF you found it locally.
If you were to go to various service centers I suggests you to carry with you the damaged part and compare. If the techs saw the same part in their store they will recognize it LaPavoni or not. (I am surprised a proper service center wouldnt have been able to find the piece on the catalogs of parts and compare it to other similar ones)
I have no idea of the diameter of the one in the pic I posted, you could check the Oring sizes if they are specified in diagrams to give you a bit of an hint of what it could be, and likely they change in length (which would be the minor issue really).
I dont know how many repair people would go out of their way to modify things and use another type of tap, I dont even know if they were allowed to do so, if something went wrong after the responsibility would be theirs.
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Awesome reply thanks a bunch.

Only issue is I've been contacting like 4 repair stores in Montreal, 2 in Toronto, another in Vancouver and even a few in Europe (one of which we had to go back and forth with Google translate German-English lol). I've contacted La Pavoni themselves and the exporter who supplies the machine in Canada

And not one of them seems to have a spare part that fits or has even heard of anything that could work.

I'll have to keep on trucking and trying!