La Marzocco Linea Mini Water Drain Spout Broke - Page 2

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#11: Post by carltoncanary »

Its crazy that this is happening to so many people. It just happened to me this morning, and it seems that its happening to people with a similar manufacturing date. Mine was made in 2020 as well. I've had this machine less than 2 months. Aren't these supposed to be tanks? I treat this thing like my child and I would expect an area such as the drip tray, which gets removed multiple times daily or weekly would not be the cause of such a major mechanical failure.


#12: Post by wholemilklatte »

crazy. it's hard to tell for sure but in a couple of those pictures it looks like the remnants of the adapter piece are crushed or disintegrating inside of the screen part too.

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#13: Post by Dpk »

Out of curiosity, were you experiencing a large puddle below the drip tray before these pieces broke off? That's what's happening on my LM I've had for two months.


#14: Post by Apex1856 »

so the response i got from Chris is that it is due to a technician having a heavy hand.. it hasnt caused any functional issues for me but yes it's a bummer that something like this would happen on such an expensive machine.

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#15: Post by EspressoZaddy »

Holy s#%! This just happened to me too! Tragic in that I just sold me ECM to buy this and I've only had this for a week. Ugh.