La Marzocco Linea Mini - no water at grouphead / bubbling reservoir

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Hi All,
A couple of weeks ago my mini start pushing air through to the reservoir, I switched the machine off let if cool and switched on again, all was fine.
Then last week, water stopped coming from the group head :( . Read around a little, it was suggested that the gicleur was blocked. So replaced it (taking off the solenoid shaft was a pain). Everything started working again. Three days ago the water at grouphead reduced significantly then started working as normal. It's been like this since, working in and off. The pressure has been at 10 bar, even with no portafilter attached :shock: . Then this morning the bubbling started again and adapter at the back of the reservoir where the plastic pipe is connected was really hot. So I switched it off.

This is a video of the bubbling
Anyone have any thoughts much appreciated.


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#2: Post by pcofftenyo »

Mine's plumbed, sorry.

Guess would be a vacuum breaker somewhere is malfunctioning.


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So it's pumping hot water into the reservoir? Pretty sure the systems are designed for water to travel 1 way, maybe 1 or more check valves are having problem? The least stressful solution would be to take it to a local La Marzocco authorized service center. Or did you already figure this out?