La Marzocco Linea Mini | No Blue Light & No Heat / Pressure [SOLVED]

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Hello and thanks in advance for any help

I just bought a new LM Linea Mini and cannot get the machine to work. Machine arrived yesterday. There was no apparent damage to the box or any of the contents.

- Turn it on and red light flashed with blue light solid; last for about 3-5 minutes with a sound in the background (presume a pump)
- After 3-5 minutes the red light continues to flash, but the blue light turns off altogether (not flashing); pump sound turns off
- Pressure gauges are at 0 bars and the water reservoir volume is unchanged despite being new and presumably having an empty boiler
- Group head remain cool to touch

Steps Taken:
- I am using Crystal Geyser water as prescribed by LM in their manual / website
- I have taken the water reservoir out / reseated it to ensure contact with the springs at the back right of the reservoir
- I have turned the machine off and on approx 5x with no effect, although I am concerned about continuing to do this assuming no water is flowing through the pump

Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Maybe try with warm tap water to help the pump prime itself. Let it try for 60 seconds. Shut it off for a minute, repeat.
If it doesn't prime by the 5th or 6th try, contact the seller and ask what they want you to do, surely they'll prime it for you.

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Not to ask the obvious, but if you push the brew paddle left, what happens? Does the pump start? Does water flow from the brew head? For reference, here's some pages from the owner's manual:

According to this, flashing blue lights = water is low, water light off = no water (or in stand-by (?)).

Summary of what the lights mean:

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jcswinterpark wrote: - After 3-5 minutes the red light continues to flash, but the blue light turns off altogether (not flashing)
In the LaMarzocco app, see if the Auto Stand-By is set to 3-5 minutes:


jcswinterpark (original poster)

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I appreciate everyone's help. There was nothing wrong with my settings and the machine was not in stand by.

The issue was too much air in pump and despite my machine being a 2022 which is supposed to auto prime, I had to take the lid off and manually pipette water into the pump line via the ball valve. In case anyone in the future deals with this, here is a link to an official fix.

Apparently 2019+ machines should not have this issue, but unfortunately I drew the short straw.

Once I put about 30 grams of water in the line, it worked like a champ.

Directions: ... system.pdf