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I know of one person who was able to contact him and order over the past month or so. He can at times take a few days or so to get back to you. He is typically responsive however.


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khaledsha wrote:Anyone tried to contact Rick from coffeemachinist recently? I tried the email and his Instagram but he didn't answer!!
I contacted him a couple of weeks ago via the email on his website and he responded within a few days.

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So if someone like myself (not a very fix-it-yourself guy) manages to get this working but the Linea mini has a problem that requires a La Marzocco technician - can they work on the machine effectively? (I appreciate that the warranty would already be void)

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The mod simply (although it is a big change) replaces the stock pump with a gear pump. You do add a pump controller, a small computer board and a paddle actuator but those are easy to work around. A technician should be able to easily service the machine especially if it relates to other non-pump issues. The only time they couldn't service the machine would be if the actual pump or controller went out. That said, in WA state there is a tech that has experience with the mod and could likely help trouble shoot. The Mod creator is also available for help as he has significant experience with these machines.

I am not a big DIY guy and I was able to install the mod. Plus I now feel at least somewhat more confident in working on my LMLM

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I think this mod does void warranty.

But for a technician to work on fixes not related to the pump, it should be fine.

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I'm sure the EMP mod voids the warranty. I bought a used machine out of warranty so for me that wasn't a concern. Plus now I have a new pump.


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dockoelboto wrote:I recently...
In one of the GS3 MP videos on YouTube a guy complained it "waists" a lot of water when changing the pressure and he's annoyed to need to refill the tray very often.

What's your experience with Rick's mod? How many shots can you pull out of full tray?
Also, did you mod the gigleur to 0.6mm as well?

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I absolutely love Rick's Mod. It unlocks all the potential of the LMLM and in reality turns it into a single group strada. Plus it is extremely quiet.

I don't use any more water than I did before the mod. I empty the drip tray very infrequently. As I run off the tank I fill that twice a week - same as I did before. On average I make 2 shots/day, individual use may vary but if you currently own a LMLM your water use will not change significantly. My guess is actually your water use may go down. I did also change to the 0.6mm gicleur, Rick recommends it. I have had no issues with that.

I'm not an expert on the GS3 MP but from what I understand they way it pressure profiles is by diverting water - to the drip tray - to lower pressure. Thus the reason the for a lot of waist. I also understand that it has a small tank that needs to be filled often.

I have been very happy with the mod. The paddle is now fun and engaging to use and I really enjoy profiling my shots. Can't recommend it enough.


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Thank you @dockoelboto for this nice review
Always happy with this mod ?
Did you upgrade to the last firmware ? if yes no issues ?

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I have been extremely happy with the mod. It works flawlessly and really transforms the LMLM into what it should be from the factory. I realize pressure profiling/flow control isn't necessary for all roast levels but I personally enjoy it and I feel that it makes me more consistent across a wide range of roast profiles. Plus the mod makes the LMLM Significantly quieter.

I haven't upgraded the firmware yet. I know others with the Mod who have and they haven't had any issues. I do know that the auto-backflush does not work with the mod. For me that is not a deal breaker in any stretch. The creator of the Mod says he can likely add that functionality if desired but I don't see the need.

Overall I have been very happy with the mod and do not regret it one bit. Plus I gained more knowledge and confidence to do DIY repairs/maintenance on the LMLM should issues arise.