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JettLag wrote: I have mine installed at 10 and can verify it's not particularly accurate. It's my second location. The first was prior to the line going to the pressure gauge... that was even worse.

I'm interested in the location you mention and didn't consider putting it there. I have a pipe that I custom bent that I could like make work.

I'll give it a try over the next week or so and report back.
Any news on trying out the position recommended by Rick himself?

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I haven't had a chance to move it around and I'm now away until early September. So as I get a chance, I'll post it.


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So with a little help I managed to install it and the first readings are promising. Still have to get used to controlling it via graphs on the app.

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Was it difficult to bend the copper tubing without having kinks?


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had some help. It's not a 100%, especially where it got bent it's not circular anymore but it works so far and no leakage. We used a gas torch to heat up the copper tube first, let it cool off and then we bent it with the help of a tool used for guiding ropes when sailing. Instead of solding it we used Serto Fittings.
So a little freestyling involved but super happy so far.

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very impressive, definitely would like to hear more about it as your experience grows!