La Marzocco GS/3 total rebuild

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I remember a while back coming across an amazingly detailed thread on someone completely tearing down and rebuilding their GS/3.
I cannot find it now; can someone help? Yes I did search.
It is time for my #1700 to get a thorough descale and update. As soon as I get a few more parts from LM.


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LMWDP #704

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Destined to be classics!

Derekb (original poster)

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Thanks a bunch Jake_G!!
Mine is a MP, with Strada mod. I have rebuilt the group a few times. The last time I noticed the large 36 mm bottom nut was eroding. I really should have taken care of it then......not sure what I will find this time when I open it up. Mine (36 mm nut under MP valve body) is brass. The new one is SS as well as the valve body. I'm hoping there is enough left of it to loosen with a 36 mm socket.

Derekb (original poster)

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I am really looking forward to redoing the motor mounts. I have a feeling they have been "off" since new.
Jake, you said 3/16 ID and 1/2 OD. What thickness do you think is the hole they fill? I am looking at some nice hi-temp silicone grommets from McMaster.
Thanks. All help appreciated.
Here is what I'm lookin at: They are 3/16 ID and 9/16 OD. I think that should work? ... eter~9-16/

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Those should work fine.


If you are ordering parts from LM, just shoot Chris a line and see how much it would be for the OEM grommets. Commodity items like these are generally pretty reasonably priced through LM and it's sometimes nice to have have "the official" parts.
LMWDP #704

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Ye Gods, that was amazing!