La Marzocco GS3 Old Solenoid, no O-ring?

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#1: Post by bostonbuzz »

Howdy folks,

I have a 2010 GS3 I'm doing a full rebuild on. The parts diagram shows item 12 for all solenoids. As you can see an o ring makes no sense with my solenoids as they don't have a shoulder for them to crush against. I could put the o-rings into the bottom (see photo) but they don't seem to get compressed down there. Placed o the shoulder, the o-rings are crushed out of the fittings and are useless. I can't turn the machine on for another week or two.

The surface of the solenoid and the brass is conical and mates together. I'm assuming all I need is some rectorseal and a little torque?

I have crush washers of the appropriate size but they will suffer the same fate as the oring which is to be smashed but only on one side.

Using no o-ring or crush washer seems like the oly path forward for the two solenoid bodies. However, the group solenoid conical seat isn't matched by a conical portion on the stainless group head. When I disassembled there was some Teflon tape on these threads. What to do? Not worry about it?

This is the other (main?) solenoid thread type with a shoulder on someone else's machine.

Dropping the oring in doesn't seem to seat it.

Putting the o ring here doesn't work since there is no shoulder.

Results is an oring squished out of the sealing surfaces and not doing its job.
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#2: Post by Ajwalter89 »

Where there o-rings in them to begin with? Some older commercial models don't have orings in them at all (just rebuilt one), but I'm not 100% on GS3You should be able to get away without o-rings as long as they are tight. Or use some teflon tape to make a "gasket".

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#3: Post by Jake_G »

Pretty sure the brass bodies are metal on metal and the one in the group neck does need the green o-ring, but I believe the port on the group neck has a larger bore for the o-ring to drop into that the brass blocks don't have.

Here's a link to the ODE catalogue. It appears there are versions with a sealing ring between the armature tube and the brass body, and thise that are metal on metal. In either case, I've pulled mine apart before and I don't recall them having a seal. ... 8-_10.html
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#4: Post by Splunge »

No o-rings on my 2020 machine solenoids. I recently had the hot water wand solenoid out for a short citric acid bath after it wouldn't seal. Didn't take a pic of the internals unfortunately.