La Cimbali M32 Dosatron: Boiler Pressure Problem

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#1: Post by Gaku »

I have been using La Cimbali M32. I got it from a guy who was closing his coffee shop a year ago.
Now facing a problem with its boiler pressure.
The boiler pressure is getting lower and lower.
When I first started to use it, the pressure was 1.4 bar, but i noticed it was getting lower a week ago. It was 1.0 bar.
And, now it is 0.9 bar.
Do you have any idea where this problem is coming from?
Since I bought it as a second hand, I do not have the guarantee, so I would like to fix it myself.
Would you please help me if any of you have any idea?




#2: Post by Giampiero »

Hi Gaku, welcome to HB.
Maybe the vacuum breaker valve is leaking, or maybe the safety valve is leaking as well, or there is another leaking somewhere, including the pressure gauge, but it depend how old is the machine.

Gaku (original poster)

#3: Post by Gaku (original poster) »

Hi Giampiero,
I appreciate your help.
I checked them, but it seemed there were no leakage, I did not feel any air pressure or hear any noise by leaking.
Or perhaps, is there a way to check if leaking?
When it is leaking, would you please advise me how to check leaking?


#4: Post by Giampiero »

For sure, any leaking from the above mentioned valve ,can only be verified with the machine at working pressure.
About the working pressure you declared, i have some perplexity, 1.4 bar for such commercial model seems a bit higher, usually they stay at around 0.9/1.1 bar.
When you said the pressure is getting lower, do you means in a stand by condition, or just after the use of steam/ hot water?
Anyway considering your machine it has a water sight glass, try to check if the water boiler level still the same as before.

Gaku (original poster)

#5: Post by Gaku (original poster) »

Hi Giampiero,

Thank you very much for your reply.
By saying "getting lower, I meant it has been getting lower day by day in a stand by condition.

About the working pressure 1.4 bar, it was a bit higher than appropriate pressure according to the user manual, (Appropriate pressure level in the user manual 1.2-1.3bar) so 0.9 bar is not too low. I do not have any problems of handling it, yet.
With that being said, I am worried, in the near future, it might get even weaker, so wanted to figure out where this condition is coming from.
For verifying the working pressure, do you have any specific machine?