La Cimbali Jr S/1 doser/pump issue

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Hello All,

This is my first post. I have a La Cimbali Jr that was taken out of local restaurant in town when they closed. The machine is in not plumbed in and has been working well for me until recently. I did some basic cleaning, but not much else when I got he machine. Then one day after have the machine on for a couple hours I went to make espresso and turned the doser knob but to my surprise nothing happened. I haven't been able to engage the the system since. I did take apart the front panel under the brew head to see if there was a connection that lose or broken but I have not found any. I am hoping someone here might give me an idea as to some possible trouble shooting steps as I don't think there is anyone locally (Madison, WI) that works on the machines.

Any advice or help would be much appreciated...

Andy Ziegler

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Is the problem no power or is it no water running out of the grouphead?

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Ziggy (original poster)

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Seems like a no power situation, but the machine and boiler have power.