Just got parts for Livia 90 and new diffuser is leaking out the side, should I worry about it?

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So I just got my parts order from Pasquini and the gentleman I talked to told me I needed a new diffuser and shower screen. For whatever reason the machine I have came with the regular group head but the Illy diffuser and shower screen. He talked me into getting the pro diffuser, which is a two piece plate and I told him I needed all gaskets. He sent me the gasket that goes between the group pad and the top brass plate that it mounts to but I guess there is no gasket between the group head and the diffuser. I put the diffuser on without the shower screen as I was curious how the pro version worked with a small brass plate mounted up against the diffuser. I noticed that there were some drips coming out of the side of it. I'm wondering if I should worry about it, because it's going to be going into the porta filter anyway right.

There you can see if the drips on the very outside perimeter of the diffuser towards the back, by the chrome wall of the machine. Here is the portion of the diffuser think it's mounted to the grouphead.

I was considering adding some of this super lube at synthetic grease, just a very thin layer on the outside of the plate that gets pushed up against the group head. Once the diffuser is mounted it should be pressed tightly against the group head in the synthetic grease should create a very good seal, it's barely dripping out so it's not like there's a lot of pressure there. It's a food grade grease and can stand up to 450°F.

What are folks general thoughts about this? Would you use the grease, or would you just forget about it since those drips on the side are going to be going into the porta filter anyway? I happened to be a bit OCD, self diagnosed of course lol, but the drips bug me in a way.

Any input to put me at ease would be greatly appreciated!


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I would not worry about it, and I would not put grease up in there either. It will just attract stale coffee, and probably will work its way out on a backflush.

By the way, how is that diffuser?

Also, just because it is nsf rated, does not mean you want it in your coffee:

H1 lubricants are tasteless, odorless, physiologically inert and are suitable for "Incidental, technically unavoidable contact with a food product up to 10ppm."