Jian Yi lever mod

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hey all,
take this as either a warning or a challenge of buying equipment from china.
after seeing brian quans video about the jian yi i set up a taobao account, got frustrated when my account got locked, gave up and went through and agent and 20 days later received... a large direct lever machine with no heating element or pid or led. decided that instead of trying my luck with returning and exchanging through superbuy id build it myself. does anyone know what element would work best? ive got a pid kit and my electrical knowledge is passable but i cant find an element small enough to fit in the brew chamber. not concerened about exposed wires or hot metal.

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There are versions without PID/heater available. If you ordered one that should have it, I'd consider getting your agent to contact the vendor - as made by them, the PID/heater should be easy to add on yourself if they ship you the parts.

If going the DIY route, I'd suggest the following layers around the small diameter part of the cylinder
-Thermal grease
-PI heating film - check on aliexpress, you may be able to get one suited to the cylinder height and circumference. They're typically available up to 200w and in 12, 24v, or mains voltage. Don't do the latter unless you know what you are doing (e.g. grounding the cylinder and the next layer). The original uses a 24v e-bike charger and a 24v element.
-collar of e.g. copper sheet, with screws squeezing it on
-Suitable insulation material. The original I believe uses silicone foam held together with velcro, but you could use e.g. mineral wool and a leather outer

An ESP32 and SSR could easily be fitted in the base or frame of the machine, to give a clean look (you could then use blynk via. bluetooth to set/monitor the temperature).