Izzo Alex Leva gasket replacement videos available?

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with the pandemic.. we've been drink a lot of coffee at home with our izzo alex leva. figured eventually i may need to replace the gasket later on and prefer not to get stuck waiting for gaskets, leadtime, etc. i would like to purchase the gaskets in advance and lube. any recommendations on which gasket part numbers and where to buy? same with the food grade lube?

finally, is there a video on how to replace the gasket without actually having to remove the whole lever from the assembly? could it be accessed underneath behind the filter screen? i've been searching for a video on how to replace gaskets, but came up empty. i do have the official one from Izzo that shows the assembly... but wondering if there's an easier way?
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Izzo Alex Leva - Dosing, baskets, accessories and springs looks helpful

On "food-grade" grease, Molykote 111 is the go-to for many. There are some others out there, but some that I've looked at don't have as high of a temperature range (I'd want at least 140°C which is around the temperature of a steam boiler about to blow its 3-bar safety). The 5.3 oz (150 g) tube is pretty much a lifetime supply, including for whomever you hand your machine down to. As far as I can tell, DuPont-, Dow-, Dow Corning- and Molykote-branded 111 are all equivalent products. You should be able to find it for under US$20. If using Amazon, check multiple listings as the price varies considerably.

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thanks Jeff on the grease. will order that from amazon. yea totally forgot about that thread.. gonna dig through that to find the gaskets.
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If you are asking about the portafilter gasket for the Leva; Chris's Coffee has them, standard rubber. They fit even better than the one that came with the machine. I looked for a softer silicone version like those available for E61 machines with no luck. The only way to get the old gasket out of there is to stab into it with a hooked tool and yank it out. Grease up the new one before installation.

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Actually I was referring to the gasket for the piston inside. But good to know about the OH gasket. On mine it didn't have a gasket for the PF rather it was flat almost sand paper like type of material.
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