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There seems to be some confusion. The captions/text for the photos indicate #3 which look like the temp probe. Also agree with @emradguy that if you haven't cleaned the probe, you should pull it and clean it till it's shiny like new.

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BaristaBoy E61 wrote:I believe the part that you've identified is not a temperature probe at all but a threaded screw that has 2-nuts and is threaded into the Brew Boiler heating element and is attached to the bottom boiler cover plate of the Izzo Alex Duetto IV espresso machine.
Not sure which of us you're referring to as having misidentified the part. Part 3 is the temp sensor, and the links provided at Bella Barista and Chris' are both the correct replacement. I've had a Duetto for 10 years and have replaced that part twice, due to the first two failing. It definitely screws into the top of the boiler.

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I might have been inadvertently drawn to the bottom of the brew boiler by the Red arrows of the diagrams provided by the OP - that I thought he had inserted to indicate where the problem component was situated.

My apologies.
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Ah, yes. That makes perfect sense. I almost fell for the same trap. Heeheehee!


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Agree with emradguy. The error message A2 should appear. I had a defective one a few years back. May be wrong but cannot imagine to find or replace with a non origional parts.


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you resolved with Izzo probe. I had a duetto 2 from 10 years. I serviced myself. I changed only pid ( no numbers and sealing).Your part is in superior area of the brew boiler. is simple to identify. I have same problem, but not big difference between PID indication and real temperature, maybe 7 degrees Celsius. The probe is free of scale but appear to not be accurate. I set the pid for t1( brew boiler temperature) to 102 . now the coffee is acceptable, I was very angry because I didn't understand what happened and why my coffee is not very good.
one question, the famous offset, difference between boiler temperature and group temperature, how to be set : when environment is low from 20 Celsius the offset will be reduced? more time I believed exactly opposite, but now I changed my mind
thank you and success

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(The above questions covered in the poster's PID offset theory)