Izzo Alex Duetto - Temperature Sensor ERROR A1

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#1: Post by George72 »

Hello guys,
My Alex Duetto II displays an A1 error.
I have checked the cables and the temperature sensor is not working properly. When I move the cable near the nut the values change from -10 to other random readings.
I am talking about this sensor:

But as you can see is OUT OF STOCK
One of the cables is loose inside the brass nut, is there a way to repair it?
Does anyone know where to buy another EL237 sensor?
I've been researching for hours and nothing comes out!
Thank you very much in advance.


#2: Post by DaveC »

No way to repair, but any similar espresso machine temp sensor will work fine. You don't need the specific Izzo one.

George72 (original poster)

#3: Post by George72 (original poster) »

Thank you Dave!
I've seen that Lelit has the very same one.
Kind regards!


#4: Post by sketcher88 »

While you wait, you could swap the sensors between the boiler and the steam boiler and just not use steam for a while too...