Izzo Alex Duetto III - Too high rotary pump pressure

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My Alex Duetto III is having a too high pump pressure when I am pulling a shot. It starts with 9/10 bar and then a new sequence starts and the pump pressure increases to 12 to 14 bar. Could the pump be defect? I have not tried to adjust the pump pressure as the pump seems to have two modes.

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Very likely just needs the o-ring lubricated. If the o-ring is hard as rock, replace it.
(Talking about the o-ring inside the pump-bypass adjustment part of the pump, it's there to keep the pump from weeping out the breather hole, but when it gets sticky the valve stops being accurate).

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At work, now... Can copy/paste pictures.
Part 18 is the o-ring in question, it goes around part 19.

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Thank you! It fixed the problem :D