Izzo Alex Duetto II expansion valve seat

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Hi, I have a stupid question. I'd like to replace the expansion valve seat on my Duetto II. The valve is the one in the middle. The question is which way does the mushroom piece go in? Cap up or cap down? Thanks.

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It would likely go the way it's pictured, with the mushroom cap down. It also should seat better in only 1-orientation that shouldn't be hard to figure out.

Why would the illustration show the mushroom improperly inverted?
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I've seen shots of it on Chris coffee with the mushroom head up. https://www.chriscoffee.com/products/e ... oom-shaped

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Those are valve-faces pictured above the valves. (Yes, I know how websites have copied the mistake).
The spring will only fit the skinny end. The spring needs to be above the valve-face to hold it closed against the seat. The large hemisphere goes in pointing down.