Isomac Zaffiro - Tripping Electricity

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Good Morning,

I have an Isomac Zaffiro - it's approaching 15 years old and has to it's credit been virtually trouble free. However, it is now immediately tripping the electricity the moment it's plugged in.

I have a multimeter and some basic tools, but would appreciate any advice on where to start looking as otherwise I am entirely unfamiliar.

Thank you in advance :)

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Check for short to ground at the most obvious components, and work your way along the wire.

Assuming phase is brown and black wires in your machine and that all neutrals are blue... With the machine un-plugged, Check, with multimeter set to the highest resistance range (200k Ohms or whatever yours has) for continuity between brown-wire element connection to boiler body. If there's any continuity at all, remove the brown wire and try again from bare element connection to boiler body, if it still has continuity, try it again with the blue wire off. If it still has continuity with nothing connected to it, it's pretty obviously the element.

If it's not the element, try other components. Any water stains on a boiler-fill solenoid or anything make those components suspect.

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Thank you for your detailed reply JRising.

I'll work through this and update the thread.


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In addition to the useful suggestions above,
the Zaffiro vertical boiler terminals had very little clearance to the frame, (when we used to received shipment from the factory back in the pre SEC days working for the first US importer of them) we were always opening them and "move up" the boiler assembly and place an extra piece of insulation between the terminals and the bottom of the frame)
of course that was found the hard one when testing a machine one time :D
while of course you are checking the ohm on the HE make sure as well that the fastons (spade connectors) are insulated and of course not touching any think else but the HE terminals.
Of course if the HE is dispersing to grounds/water in addition to address the HE issue check to see if the HE burning was cause by a sure priming/counter/priming situation,
(although the Zaffiro has an E-61 GH like several Isomac models, it is NOT an heating exchanger but a single stage boiler)
or a bad pump and or related issues with the filling circuit.
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