Isomac Tea - Not hot enough!

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#1: Post by Melamies »

My Isomac Tea, does not heat the water enough.
- It does make steam, but it takes several minutes to heat a little milk.
- The little nuzzle keeps letting out a little steam to the tray.
- Only a little water comes out of the water tap.
- When I brew coffee, the cup remains full of water.

It's a dual boiler system, but I suspect one heating element is broke. Does it have to heating elements?

I use filters.

The pump is new and fills the kettle fine.

Suggestions to repair?


Team HB

#2: Post by JRising »

Yes. Each boiler has a heating element in a 2 boiler machine.

Does it have a pressure gauge for the steam boiler? If so, is the steam boiler's gauge showing somewhere around 1.1 or 1.2 bar? I assume that's about where it should be if it's at the proper temperature. If it's lower, do you know how to adjust the pressostat?

The fact that it's producing steam means that the element is powered, though it may be burning out or cracked or something.