Isomac Mondiale/PRO.EL.IND PRAL3 Control Box not functioning

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First post in this forum so "hi hi" :)

I have an Isomac Mondiale that I, after a heater replacement, accidently connected the 220V connection incorrectly to the PRAL3 control box on one of the micro switch ports. It fried some of the PCB paths but a friend has soldered new paths.

All good so far except the heater output from the control box (pin #3) doesn't give me any current at all.

If I connect the power cable for the heater directly to the line output instead of the control box everything seems to work just fine. So, clearly something with the control box isn't working. The heater turns on and off based on the pressostat going on and off and it starts and stops to pump water when necessary. What would be the risk of running it connected like this? It could run dry because there is no water in the pump?

If anyone has the schematics for the PRO.EL.IND PRAL3 control box I'd be a happy camper, I might be able to do some spare parts hunting and soldering to fix the board. Or, tips on where I should be measuring on the PCB to determine which component/s that is busted?

// Martin

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I don't have a real answer for your question.

But, glad to see another Mondiale owner. My solution, with a 10+year-old machine was to replace the controller. My logic was based around the multiple mecanical micro-relays on that board. I initially thought to fix-it myself, but in the end, considering the age of the unit and the chance of continued circuit fails, I opted to replace. Note: my unit is 115V. US cost on the controller is <$200.

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