Isomac Meltdown

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I recently noted that the pressure pump on my 10 year old Isomac Millenium was staying on way longer than normal, the pressure gauge went to max before I was able to turn the machine off (the gauge looks to have been damaged, remaining at 6 O'clock. I have replaced the Pressure Stat and the Boiler Safety Valve thinking this to be the cause of teh problem. Restarting the machine the problem remains though I note that the boiler is now failing to cut off, building up steam/water that is venting via the safety valve.

I have disembled the solenoid valve, looks ok, but i do not hear a click when the macine is turned on ( i think i hear a click as it cools down?)

I am not sure where to look next! Any thoughts?


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its seems like the solid state relay is stuck in the on position. look and see what type of one you have (its a whiteish box that has 4 wires going into it) and then replace it with a new one. that should work

chriswhite (original poster)

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Thanks SamBuist. I will have a look at the solid state relay and will report back

chriswhite (original poster)

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My particular machine does not appear to have a SS Relay. I have attached a photo after having dismantled the area under the boiler. The black M&M piece is the dismantled solenoid valve. Any thoughts?[


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I would open the black brain box (where all the wires lead to) and see if there is any corrosion etc visible on the board. I did have an isomac that was acting strangely and it turned out to the board.