Is this Linea Mini autofill probe broken?

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My Linea Mini has been producing very watery steam for the past few days. I took out the autofill probe to check for lime deposit. Now, looking at it, I am wondering whether the part that hovers over the water level is normally longer and it broke somehow. I've tried comparing it to the picture of a new one. But new ones come straight and (I assume) must be bent to the correct shape before installation. So, it's a little hard to tell whether I'm missing 1/4" from the tip.

If you happen to be in the process of taking apart your Mini, would you mind comparing what's in the photo with your probe and let me know whether they look similar? Thanks.

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Looks like the replacement.

Make sure it's pointing down when you tighten it or the water will fill too high.


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Thank you for confirming. I cleaned it, put the machine back together and made a cappuccino. Perfect steam!