Extraction timer or extraction volume installation advice

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#1: Post by Ruben »

I own a Rancilio S24 for a few years and I'm satisfied with it. However, I would really love to install some type of device or switch capable of stopping the extraction after a number of seconds or volume without having the need to manually touch the switch to stop the extraction. Is there such a device? Thank you in advance for any suggestion.

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#2: Post by DamianWarS » replying to Ruben »

If a BT scale could connect to something like IFTTT it could power off the machine from a smart plug when it reaches the desired weight.

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Ruben (original poster)

#3: Post by Ruben (original poster) »

Thanks for the suggestion. I never thought of that. But I was thinking on something more conventional. Don't most espresso machines out there work that way? I mean, the barista press a bottom and let it brew and the machine stops on its own?

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#4: Post by Jeff »

Some commercial machines have timers or volume meters. Timers are reasonably common on inexpensive, home machines. Volumetric stop is reasonably rare on home machines. Mid-range home units are often completely manual.

If you have the electrical skills, you could rig up and wire something in behind the existing switch.

I consider shot time as an output, with coffee, grind, dose, and target ratio as the primary inputs.

Ruben (original poster)

#5: Post by Ruben (original poster) »

Thanks for the suggestion. Perhaps a timer relay will do the job. You are right about the time being an output but there are times, when I'm making several drinks back to back, I wish I could grind for the next shot or steam milk, and pull shots at the same time without worrying about stoping the extraction.