I want to create custom knobs for Profitec Pro 700 (help needed)

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Hey there,

I have a profitec 700 which I bought used. It's a really nice machine and I like it a lot. I have wanted the custom wood knobs, but they are prohibitively expensive, even the after market ones. Thankfully I am somewhat handy and am also getting some free walnut from someone.

I think it will be generally possible to hand work the three knobs I would need into a workable shape that will effectively be a nice wood handle set!

However I don't know how to find the metal hardware that the wood is attached to. I heard someone say once that you can just "go to mcmaster and carver" but I don't have a way to measure the threads or find out where to get those pieces. If I can just get the few meta pieces I need I think I'd be set.

I considered breaking the plastic off the stock pieces, but that's not great since I will not be the quickest at making my own knobs and I need to use my espresso in the interim. Hopefully someone has done this before and just knows the knob + switch parts I can buy.



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Its mcMaster Carr, not carver.

threads on piping is always tricky, because there are all kinds of standards. but the knobs themselves are most likely metric thread (its an italian design)

you can get yourself a pitch gauge, to measure the pitch of the thread.

or eyeball it: take a caliper and measure the diameter of the thread. its most likely M6 or M8, therefore you'll measure shy of 6 or 8 millimeters.

a standard M6 has a pitch of 1mm, that means, the threads are spaced 1mm apart. a standard M8 has a pitch of 1.25mm.

there are other pitches (fine threads), but they are not too common in coffee machines.

if iths neither M6 or M8, it might be imperial.

here is a result of a quick google search:
that might help get the knobs off.

good luck, send some pictues.
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napierzaza (original poster)

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Okay I figured it out by removing the knobs and then bringing them into a hardware store and testing them on metric threads.

So for actuating the pump it's a M8 thread. And for the knobs it's M14. So I am not sure what it's called but I need to find threaded brass rod with that as a female thread.