How to replace the 3 way solenoid?

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I was advised to replace this component regularly, is it necessary? My machine is almost 5 years old.

This is the component, any idea how should I replace it?

What sequence should I go to remove it and any sealant is required in the process?
Is it necessary to replace the entire piece or can I skip brass fitting and unscrew up till part (4)?

Any help will be deeply appreciated.

Here's a zoom out

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Why try and fix something that isn't broken?

Also it's no 3way but just an ordinary one way valve.

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And who gave you this advice ?

The valve you show is a 3-way brew solenoid valve. Your pic is definitely not that of a Brewtus . . . so what Bezzera model is it ??

When you get your profile straightened out, I will respond more.

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Flitzgordon (original poster)

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It's a BZ13 that belongs to my neighbour.

What happened was it is able to heat normally, but once I've powered on, it trips the power.

What I did before was.
1. Descale
2. Cleaned the OPV.
3. Took out the pump and placed it back.

I can smell something burning.

Flitzgordon (original poster)

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I also did the following.

I initially suspected the 3-way solenoid as there's a burning smell coming from around the area.
I removed the pump and tried activating the machine and it did not trip so I guess it's okay?

I found the cause of the burning smell comes from the cable connecting to the pump.
On bezzera's website, it's call the thermic safety device.

I wonder what have i done wrong that caused this as it was working initially.

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The thermic safety device is a Klixon fuse designed to automatically "open" if the pump's coil should overheat. It is designed to automatically close when the condition is rectified. It is possible that your descaling operation resulted in the pump running too long. Obviously it needs to be replaced.

I would disconnect one of the heating element leads until the machine operates safely from a flow standpoint.

To disassemble the brew solenoid valve:

a. remove nut 5 and the drain tube.
b. remove the additional nut holding the solenoid coil in place.
c. slide the coil off.
d. loosen nut (5) which will expose the innards of the valve.
e. soak the "cylinder" and plunger in hot coffee detergent for about an hour and rinse well.
f. as necessary soak these same parts in white vinegar for the same time.
g. reassemble.

Syphon a cup or so of water from the boiler from a readily accessible fitting. Turn the machine on and the boiler should start to refill what you syphoned out.

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Solenoids are not a part that needs replaced often. I have had machine that were 30 years old and still running on the originals. If they start to leak/drip it is usually a scale issue and cleaning will resolve the problem. You comment of smelling something burning however is not good. Those issues are usually easy to identify as you will have a wire or connector with obvious signs of arching/melting.
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