High Temperature Pump for Modified Camping Nespresso Machine

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Hi Everyone,

OK, here's my issue: I am in the process of modifying a Nespresso machine for use while camping (off the grid). As is, it draws down my batteries way too much. My plan is/was to crack the machine open, disconnect the heater (the main current draw), and re-route the water line to draw in from a gas-powered jet-boil. I could then fire up the jet boil, warm the water, then hit the 'brew' button. The rest of the functions inside the machine are much lower current draw so not a big deal.

The showstopper I hit is the vibratory pump. It is a ULKA 010918T 23 watt (approx 15 BAR). The issue is that is says Water temp max of 25C on it. In the original Nespresso machine configuration, the pump is before the heating element. In my situation, i want to heat the water first then run it through the vibratory pump.

So my question (finally), does anyone know of a similar vibratory pump that can take high temp water? What happens if I just try to run hot water through the ULKA?



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Buy a Cafelat Robot...just pour in boilling water over decent ground coffee, does not need any power and produces way better espresso since the N cups do not contain enough coffee and it's stale.
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Or moka pot, or Aeropress, or pour-over rig, or ...


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If you really wish to stay in the realm of pods, a Wacaco Nanopresso will do without a heavy machine or any power beyond whatever your sourcing for hot water is.

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ams14 (original poster)

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Thanks for the replies and alternate ideas. Yes, I realize there are a lot of viable options for camping that are likely simpler to achieve.

It appears all the plastic vibratory style pumps likely don't like to see high temps. It appears this is probably due to the accurate clearances and seals they need to maintain to hit the pressures.

The rotary vane type pumps are typically brass and may be able to take more heat, but they don't really say for sure. At any rate, that is probably getting more elaborate than I'm looking for at this point.

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Camping? Espresso machine!? Do you go for months at a time? If you are trying to "get away from it all" but still want great coffee:
For one person: Aeropress. I still think it is the best cup of coffee for the least amount of money. Small and lightweight as well. For two people, two Aeropress (Aeropressi?).
For a more luxurious cup, a stainless steel Espro Press.
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Aeropress is my go to for camping. Checks all the boxes, for me at least.

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I saw a completed, self-built, portable machine this weekend that draws from a heated pot or thermos. As I recall, the maker said it used an "eBay-special gear pump".