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#11: Post by Graymatters »

I see that you've already ordered something, but for others, I've really liked this Milwaukee 12v Cordless Screwdriver -

I originally bought this as a kit with 2 batteries and a charger because I needed the batteries and charger - the screwdriver was essentially a freebie. That said, I thought that it might be nice to have something smaller, lighter and with finer control than my Makita drills and impact drivers, so I gave it a shot.

The Milwaukee filled the bill and it's actually become one of my favorite tools, for some weird reason. The finesse is great - speed control is really good and the adjustable clutch is great, especially for more delicate jobs and/or repeatable driving (like installing cabinet hardware) - and it has enough torque that I don't reach for the big boys unless I really need to wreck something.
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Another Festool fan; 22 years and counting. Yes, I also have Makita & Milwaukee for the categories Festool didn't or doesn't play in...but Festool is always the first grab if/when.
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I've had a number of batteries replaced by Rigid. There are rather strict rules you have to follow and getting things registered can sometimes take a phone call, but I've never had an issue with the warranty.

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drgary wrote:Hah! I've just ordered one of those Dewalts and will let you know how it works.
FWIW, one issue with the Dewalt 601 12v is that it doesn't have a transmission; while the size and power are good, not having a two-speed gearbox (and thus only having compromise gearing) is either something that will never bother you, or something that will drive you crazy.

As for the Dewalt 8v drivers - their gyro on/off mechanism is another one of those "you will either love it or hate it" things. It is unique; I'll say that.
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Returns are free. 8) I should get it later today. One review that sold me was by an electrician who had his own and got another for his dad. I'm going to take some time to service several machines this holiday season and have wanted such a tool since I recycled a cheapie whose internal battery had wheezed and given up the ghost.

As with espresso gear, part of my choice is my usage pattern and the other tools I have available, which includes two Ryobis, a cordless drill with speed settings and bit extenders, and an impact driver. I also have ratchet wrenches to use with the extenders. In this case, I wanted something smaller that I would mostly use pointed inline mostly for smaller fasteners.

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#16: Post by Marcelnl »

plus one (or two?) on Milwaukee and Festool !
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#17: Post by JohnB. replying to Marcelnl »

Milwaukee is just another old name owned by the Chinese (Techtronic Industries) these days.

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#18: Post by stefano65 »

Maybe because grow up in Italy and Germans tools were always considered the best of the bunch
but Bosh is personally my first choice to look and compare.
For cordless in small or so called screwdriver size, in both pistol and straight
we have in the shop
a Bosh, then so far no lesser in our though of quality but not as old as the bosh
a Milwaukee
a Panasonic
we tried recently one of the "new technology" from DeWalt intuitive but it's hard to get use to it (for me of course),
I recently found a replacement battery aftermarket for the Bosh that is almost 18 years old and still run like a champ.
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#19: Post by CantinaCoffee »

+1 on the Milwaukee Cordless Screwdriver. I have all Milwaukee tools (12v and 18v), and they've been very solid. The one time I had to use the warranty, it was smooth sailing.


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ira wrote:I've had a number of batteries replaced by Rigid. There are rather strict rules you have to follow and getting things registered can sometimes take a phone call, but I've never had an issue with the warranty.
I happened to live only a few miles from a Rigid service center. The first time I had a battery go bad, it was no problem. One phone call and I dropped the battery off for inspection. 2 days later I got a call to come pick up my new battery. The next time was not so good. Several phone messages left and no response. When I finally got to talk to someone, they said the Lifetime warranty was no longer being honored. This was a Rigid Service Rep. May be I just got hosed by a lazy service manager. Doesn't change the outcome.