Help with Quickmill QM-67 auto shutoff problem

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Hi all,

My QM-67 is behaving like the water tank is empty, even though the tank is full and the floaty is touching the top screw. I took the screw out and cleaned it, as well as the tank, but it's not coming back on. The power switches are on, but the PID isn't, and the pump won't turn on. This replicates exactly what happens when the water tank is empty.

I've had the machine 9 years now, so I'm wondering if there isn't some sort of corrosion somewhere that's preventing the current from flowing (if I'm not mistaken that's how the "floaty" works - closes a circuit which tells the machine there's water in the tank). I've had this problem intermittently for the past few months, but generally jiggling the tank or pressing the PID buttons repeatedly (as the trouble shooting guide recommends) usually works.

But not today. which is a real bummer as a) I just got back from camping for a week and was really looking forward to good coffee, and b) I received my Option-O Lagom P64 a few weeks ago and it's really transformed my espresso game! I really want a good coffee right now!

So my questions are:

1. how do I know if it's the "floaty" circuit that's the culprit?
1.b - if so, how do I fix the issue?

2. if not the floaty circuit, then what else could it be? the owners manual isn't particularly helpful in this respect...

any help would be much appreciated.... thanks!

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No help, but I came back from a three week RV trip and my 15 year old control box died. Failure mode was to run the pump continuously into the steam boiler, which being off, flooded the counter. Depending on use and control box location, about 10 years could be expected life.

If you have a schematic, it should be relatively easy to trace. I'm off in an hour on another trip, so sorry I can't help today.

slyfink (original poster)

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so it turns out it doesn't have anything to do with a closed circuit, there's actually a magnet in the "floaty" thing and a sensor inside the machine. Sounds like my magnet is weak and the sensor too. $50 for replacement parts from Chris Coffee. I'm amazed I could send an email to them and get a response, same day, on a weekend. After sales support is soooo important! Cheers to Chris Coffee!

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Chris' Coffee service department is AMAZING!

If there's any play with regards to how close or far away the reservoir can seat in its slot next to the water level detector reed switch, that might affect the strength of the magnetic pull of the float. Try moving the reservoir as close to the side where the machine's sensor is located and that might solve your problem. The easiest way to test the magnetic float circuit is to switch the machine to direct plumbed and switch OFF the Low Water Alarm, if the machine runs after that the problem is the magnet or magnetic sensor. Just turning OFF the alarm might also be enough to test the circuit.
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