Help with low flow on Rancilio Silvia Pro

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Hi all, recently I've noticed that my Silvia Pro takes a very long time to get up to pressure during a shot or even with a blind basket. And when I investigated the flow with the portafilter off (see attached video 1) it was very slow.

I thought it might be the three way solenoid so I took it off to clean. While the solenoid was off I checked the flow out of the grouphead without it installed and flow was still very slow (see attached video 2).

The pump sounds very wrong almost like it's run dry but the water reservoir has water and I checked the hoses inside of the machine to make sure nothing was loose. Does anyone have any idea what the issue might be? Is it fixable at home or will I need to look into getting my machine serviced. Thanks!

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The first thing I would check after confirming that the hoses aren't pinched is any sort of filter in the inlet path. Warm espresso machines and water that has lost its chlorine or chloramine are a great places for biofilm to grow and invisibly clog things up.

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Hi Jeff thanks so much for the help! None of the hoses around the water tank are pinched and the machine has no filters. I will double check hoses on the interior of the machine once I get around to fully taking all the panels off and accessing the pumps to check if anything is plugged around there.

EDIT: After I finished cleaning the 3 way solenoid. Took off the casing of the machine and didn't see anything out of ordinary. Then I re-primed the pump by emptying the brew boiler and restarting the machine, flow seems to be back to normal. I am not sure which step actually fixed the issue but my guess so far is either a pinch in the water tubing where I couldn't see it that got loosened when I took of the case or air in the lines or in the pump.