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I sadly just snapped the pin that the water reservoir check valve for my beautiful Pasquini Livia 90 sits on. I'm no engineer but I try to fix what I can. I think I can fake my way the repair (I was able to replace the compression fitting and tubing that feeds the pump before), but I'm having trouble figuring out the name of the part I need. Any nudges in the right direction would be appreciated.

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Doubt if anybody will have what you need, except in a parts machine, but maybe you can identify what numbers you need so you can ask if they can help.
See attached.


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Not shown in the portion of the parts diagram above, but it's item #14. A metric 3mm x 30mm long brass screw with a hex head. I'm betting you could find it in stainless, or maybe Pasquini can get it for you, or has a good used one. ... toEALw_wcB

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Nice, thank you! Easy!


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Hi XTealie :)

These diameter of pins do tend to snap due to corrosion after they get locked in place with minerals/rust etc. Same thing happens on the pistons in E61 Groupheads when trying to disassemble . . . sometimes they release, sometimes they snap . . . thankfully Home Barista has some incredible sponsors that offer parts and such . . .

1st-Line Equipment, a great sponsor of HB, appears to have your exact component (listed under a Bezzera machine but exactly the same as the one the picture/listing above): ... ca-magica/