Help with Gaggia Baby Class - Missing parts

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My first post in the forum, Hi to all :D .

I need some brainstorming to solve a problem, I just bought a Gaggia Baby Class in a garage sale for around USD $30, it is in excellent shape, the catch is that all accessories are missing, the portafilter is not an issue I have a spare one from my Gaggia Classic, the problem here is that the water tank is missing and the water tray and those parts are no longer produced or the cost and arm and a leg and are only sold in the UK.

I have a 3D printer but I am not good in the design part, I was thinking regarding the tank connecting a pipe from the inside of the machine to a generic water tank and somehow making something that will cover the tank with the shape of the machine.

For the water tray, I don't have a clue how to make one, mainly because there is a part where the solenoid discharges the pressure.

Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.