Help with finding part for Pasquini Livia 90

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#1: Post by Odzi »

Hi everyone! I have a Pasquini Livia 90 S/N 29090.

The solenoid feed pipe is twisted... I know an odd thing. We have well water and get sediment in the pipes so I have to loosen them up, take them off, and then flush and descale them due to the hard water. But I wasn't paying strict attention and twisted the pipe.

Is there a source for such an old machine? I bought one from Pasquini but one end has a shorter length of pipe and the coupling is too small.


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#2: Post by hankbates »

Contact, they often have had parts which they don't list on their website.


#3: Post by Jed »

A high quality, locally owned plumbing supply or hardware store may also be able to help fabricate something in a worst case scenario...


#4: Post by Macman756 »

I am also looking and found this, is it not correct / one coupler is smaller? ... -feed-pipe


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#5: Post by hankbates »

Pasquini / Bezzera played around with heat exchanger flow direction in the late 2000s, and that changed the fittings going into and out of it.
The part number you show was, per the parts diagrams, used before 10/01/06 and after 10/02/10.
Between those dates the number was slightly different, having a .01LL at the end instead of .LL at the end.
Probably because of a different fitting mating with the exchanger.

At worst you may need to have a different fitting soldered on the exchanger end.
They should be able to tell you if you call them.