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Hey hello HB users and happy new year,

I am posting today to have your experience to support me in fixing a leak I discovered some days ago, when the machine was off. Also, I had a short circuit because of the water so I would like to know if something needs to be done on this before reconnecting the machine.

This is my first time I open this coffee machine. I expected to see more easily where the leak comes from, but it is not so much straightforward. :shock:

I am able to determine the region thanks to the rust, which is just below the steam boiler.
I can also see some green oxidation, but it is not exactly where the rust is installed so I am not sure if this is something to consider.
There is some humidity on the border of the octagonal part that I think is for heating the boiler, some rust on a pole, and blue cables are wet.

Could you help me by giving troubleshooting actions that can help me to resolve those two issues ? Please, could you also precise which specific tool or product I would need for your actions ?

Thank you so much


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Posting clear detailed pictures would be a big help. It sounds like you have a leak at the steam boiler heating element. This is usually caused by a defective heater element gasket that was originally green silicone.

It should be replaced with a teflon ring, part # GC 35. If this is the case, order 2 as the brew boiler uses the same gasket and might eventually leak too. You will also need an electric impact wrench and deep impact socket to remove and reinstall the element without damage to the machine.

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Please see pictures properly attached this time. :oops:
I missed the place inline button.


bartrs38 (original poster)

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I have just attached the pictures.
Thanks for your reply and your pictures. Sounds like a plan for me and quite relevant.

Additionnal questions :
- Do you recommend to disassemble the heater to proceed on this replacement ? Or as I can see operate directly from the bottom ?
- I don't understand how to find/understand the part number part # GC 35

Thanks again for your kind support

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Extract the heating element from the bottom of the machine. Steam boiler element will be more involved than the brew boiler element. You will definitely need a Sunex 246D 1/2-Inch Drive 1-7/16-Inch Deep Impact Socket to reduce possible damaging of the element electrical leads.

Here's a better link to the correct part. ... c771&_ss=r
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