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#21: Post by cafeIKE »

I think you could rotate it inwards and add a heatsink facing outwards. If you have a drill and file, you can fab up a bracket to use the existing mounting holes. [SS is a PITA to drill by hand] Make the bracket so the SSR is midway between the metalwork so the heatsink fins have some clearance above and below.

You could add a small 12v PC fan [40mm] and run it off a simple 5v supply. A tiny amount of moving air carries away a lot of heat.

It would be nice to have the heatsink fins over the perf on the other side if you can arrange that...

Durrsaku (original poster)

#22: Post by Durrsaku (original poster) »

Ok, do you mean turning it on it side inwardly with heatsink fins or elavating from it position. I was sort of following your picture showing the heatsink plate under the machine.
As for drilling I have some amazing cobalt drill bits courtesy of US Air force . :)

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#23: Post by cafeIKE »

Turn the SSR so the wires point inboard unless you can finesse it so a heat sink would be over the vented area.
It really frosts my patoot how espresso machine makers ignore basic electronics engineering.
No heatsink on an SSR, Gicar contollers, PIDs and EL & LC displays hard up against 100°C++ boilers.
They're 100 years out of date!
I put the heatsink under the machine as there was not enough room internally. The SSR is way oversize, I made the bottom as flat as possible, used really good thermal compound on both sides between the SSR and the SS body and the SS body and the heatsink... and crossed my fingers for a while.

I'll trade you the USAF cobalt bits for the garbage I just got at Home Depot... :cry: As my Glaswegian grandfather would have said "I could ride bare a..ed to London on them without getting a scratch!"

Durrsaku (original poster)

#24: Post by Durrsaku (original poster) »

Ha ha that's funny. Spot on grandad.
I will play with it in different positions. The idea of the fan is a good one too. Cheers.

Durrsaku (original poster)

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Hi all, just to say that I received the new SSR today and installed it to check. Thank God all working as should so thank you very much everyone for your help and input. Just run to another issue. While tightening one of the copper pipes I managed to snap the temperature switch. I can get a switch no problems but part of the thread is left still in the boiler. Any idea how to get this out? :roll:

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#26: Post by cafeIKE »

In case you don't have replacement yet, looks like it should come out pretty easily.

First I'd try Vise-Grips of the appropriate size.

Failing that, I'd cut flats on the side and try a wrench.

Failing than, I'd drill it out to less than thread minor diameter and back out with an easy-out.


Durrsaku (original poster)

#27: Post by Durrsaku (original poster) »

Ok thank you, are you saying that the silver round bit is screwed in to the top of the boiler body? I do have vice grips just wasn't sure if it was screwed or welded on the boiler body. Thanks for the picture of the right stat too.

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#28: Post by cafeIKE »

I'm guessing it's a press fit between the boiler stud and switch element and was knocked apart. You might be able to press it back together, but that would be d-wise and £-foolish, at least in old money.

I've never replaced one or taken one to bits, so I plead the 5th.

Durrsaku (original poster)

#29: Post by Durrsaku (original poster) »

Pleading the 5th made me chuckle.
Anyway just performed a bit of microsurgery and managed to get the broken bit out. Just waiting for new part to arrive. :D

Durrsaku (original poster)

#30: Post by Durrsaku (original poster) »

New parts arrived and fitted. Gave the machine a good clean and it is looking really good.
Huge thank you to all for your help and support. Might come and see you all soon now we are allowed to travel over the pond. :D