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Hi, I'm really in need of your help. I'm setting up a hydraulic link system on my GS3/AV. As per La Marzocco's guidance the inlet pressure should be 45 psi. I intend to install a pressure regulator as the last step for water to reach the machine. I purchased a pressurizer, accumulator tank, pre-filter (Everpure) and an Everpure BH2 filter. I have a lot of doubt about the sequence that I will use to assemble the system. I have seen some reports of people putting the accumulator tank and pressure regulator immediately before the machine, other people indicate to put the Everpure filter as a last step so that any residual flavor is eliminated from the system, before entering the machine. Anyway, I would love the help of this forum filled with a lot of knowledge. I've read a lot of topics, but given the specificity of my question, I found no clarifications. Another question I have is about the ideal internal pressure of the accumulator tank to compose my system.

I am already immensely grateful for the contributions.

Best Regards!!