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luvmy40 wrote:Did you check the steam boiler fill tube?
Thank you, which tube is that please? Is it different than the tube discussed above that goes to the center of the steam boiler?


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It's on the side of the boiler. You can see the PTFE tube that goes to it by the 3 way solenoid. It's easier to get at if you remove the solenoid. It can be tricky to replace that seal. You will want a locking hemostat to manage the hairpin clip.


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FYI I found a YouTube video of a guy who tests for steam leaks using a glass plate. The leak he detected comes from one of the fill sensor probes, but his testing technique may work in your case. It's also possible the "leak" producing that sizzling water drop sound is coming from the steam vacuum breaker valve (not sure where that is on this BDB machine) and therefore might be normal.


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I'm with Luvmy40 on this one. A small mirror and a light will let you take a look. Bet you it's this guy. The least fun to replace, but doable.
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That tube on the side does look a bit tricky. I will leave that until next time I do maintenance.

Today, I noticed the steam valve I serviced a few weeks ago was dripping internally, so I took it back apart and rebuilt it. Not sure if that was 100% the problem but everything seems to have quieted down for now. I closed the chassis and will watch it for the next few days.

Incidentally, those steam valve washers that we talk about flipping seem to be the same or similar to something called "finishing washers" I found today from poking around online and at Ace Hardware, with 3/8" OD. Ace Hardware had a bin for them but were out of stock.


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Did you also check both your steam and boiler pump assembly with the OPV (Over Pressure Valve).
I had mine leak from the pump to the valve assembly.