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Rob, Mike Forbes (forbeskm) did a bunch of these conversions. He would be good to hear from (or contact) on this. Hopefully he will join back in here. Mine is still in storage in the camper.
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redbone wrote:Just an F.Y.I. here. I made the inlet hole cut too large and noticed that I was not getting decent pressure or tension in hand when pulling shot.
Also, too large a port weakens the tube when tightening back on the group. Easy fix, just replaced copper tube (in transit).
Will try 2-3mm port vs 5mm next go around.
If tightening back on the group is "weakening" the tube then I suspect one of two things:
You've cut too much off of the tube. You only need a hole slightly smaller than the diameter of the tube inside diameter. That should leave plenty of hip around the cut for strength.
You haven't cut the plug outside dimension down enough. It should be snug, but not too tight.

If you are using the OEM plug for the millenium machines in there then a stepped drill bit run from both sides, hand turn only, should give you a very good fit. 1mm smaller than the OD of the tube would be fine I guess, but I wouldn't try to force a soft metal tube through anything smaller. I cut my hole tight enough that I threaded the dipper tube through and pushed it through at the end. That should be airtight enough.
The first time you put the plug & tube in place make sure the plug comes flush against the back of the group opening so you'll have a good seal. It doesn't have to be perfect, but we don't want water dribbling out of the back of the group. You could test it over a bowl of water - cold water, and see what happens.

I've only done one of these, so there are more here with additional experience that could be relevant in your case.
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I definitely made the port hole too large and have since ordered a replacement. Should see about ordering some copper tubing and a bender.
Also using a oem plug millennium plug that I have sanded down but needs a touch more sanding in order to sit flush in the group.
Will test and reply after parts arrive and changes implemented.
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I just did the mod on my pavoni 2nd gen. Drilled the tube for a hole, comparable to most pictures I've seen (less clean offcourse ;-)). Ordered the plug, sanded it down to a tight fit. Drilled the hole for another tight fit. All thanks for the great info and pictures!

This was the first time I cleaned my pavoni since restoring it (never used one before that). I clearly notice much much much smoother lever action, even when not running. I assume this is due the fact I might have been way to greedy with lubrication. This time I added only a bit and instead of all the sides of the piston I only added lub between the seals, read someone tested all kinds of lubing with his pavoni here. Anyway, now I'm having trouble disguising smooth lever action from a possible issue with my mod? When pulling shots it's smooth a but clearly feel the resistance of the pull through the grounds. What would I feel when the mod is losing pressure?

Edit1: Forget to mention I'm also having more trouble feeling the water enter the group, could be cause by the smoother lever action? I'm also noticing I'm pulling 25 gram volume where before I was more on 30 gram volume.

Edit2: Ok I messed up with the explosion of new variables (smoother action, the mod, new beans). Main issue was grind, went a bit finer and that results in familiar but smoother force and pulled 29gr volume. Still unable to notice water flowing in the grouphead :? .


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Alright another update. When opening up my Pavoni I noticed the gasket/plug wasn't as tight as I initially hoped. Can it be that this causes leakage or loss of pressure ? I bought a new pipe to revert back to the original setup. I'm able to pull nice steady 30ml shots again instead of 25-28ml. Bought another gasket/plug and will try to make a better seal (read do a better job).


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Yeah, generally watertight connection is necessary. Any leakage won't work properly.
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Just a shout out and thanks to DanoM for this thread. I tamed a dragon last night according to the recommendations here. It was a fun project that will greatly improve my backup Pavoni.

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You are most welcome! Glad it was of help. Definitely, makes the machine more predictable and shots more repeatable in my experience. I no longer have to pull 8 shots a day on it like when developing the mod, but it's nice to know my backup machine is this reliable now. :)

If I didn't love the spring lever so much I'd be tempted to pull it out and use it from time to time...
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