Handpresso Rebuild (O-Ring Size) Help Needed

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I have a Handpresso that has enjoyed light use for the last 5 years or so. Over the past year, it has developed some leakage at the valve, but it has continued to work. On my last trip, I experienced a total 'blowout' where the pressurized water escaped through the inside of the water basket/portafilter area. I read the HB post Handpresso faulty valve, contacted the Handpresso corporation and a major US distributor, but could get neither an o-ring kit nor even a list of o-ring sizes. I found one o-ring kit supplier on e-bay who would not ship to the US.

Looking for a solution, I fully disassembled my unit and did my best to measure all 10+ o-rings in terms of the cross section an inner diameter. This was not easy as two o-rings were hardened and distorted and one was smashed. With these best guesses, I placed and e-bay order from the Netherlands and waited about a week to get my parts. Unfortunately, only some of them fit...

So, now I'm back to looking for a supplier of a complete kit who will ship to the US, or, even better, just a list of the original o-ring sizes.

Any help would be appreciated.