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When I made small steam boiler, it worked too bad. I got very wet steam, so when I steamed 200ml of milk, the weight increased up to 50 ml. The worst thing I've ever seen.
I replaced 140mm water probe to 150mm and get +40 ml. The result did not impressed me...
I did not find longer water probe. So, I took round shaft of stainless steel (200mm long) and installed it instead of water level sensor. I got very dry steam. It adds only 15 gramms to 200ml pitcher when I prepare milk.

Zadrot (original poster)

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Is's nothing to show, but I am still working on my project.
I have made "smart scales" algorythm. Is is simple: when you add or remove more than 10 grams on the drip tray, scales ignore this weight and preduct the weight (just add previous difference). So, you can switch on the process of making coffee, scales tare (or untare), then put the cup on the drip tray and scales will ignore the weight of the cup, then put plate under the cup and scales will predict weight. This function is not necessary, but I did it. It works, but it is not sharp.

Unfortunatelly, when I wrote about my work, about my others projects and about my ideas to the factories (for example in Spain), they do not want me to work with them.