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Sw1ssdude wrote:The repair was astonishingly easy, since the badge was already FUBAR (f*cked up, but apparently repairable :). I chiseled all of the remaining enamel off with a variety of small tools. Wear goggles if you attempt this, it sends small glass shards flying in all directions. After that, I cleaned the copper badge with acetone and citric acid, to get rid of all the gunk which was embedded in the cracks of the enamel. After having a squeaky clean badge, I went shopping for nail polish.
A good way to remove glass enamel is to mix up a paste of 50/50 salt and cream of tartar. Add a little water to form a paste. Then heat it up using a torch. The enamel just peels off like glue. I tried my hand at enamelling a few times and was able to correct my awful attempts remove old enamel before painting it as you did.

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Wonderful read & appreciated distraction from the 'noise' of the day!

'Tanks' for posting.
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Sw1ssdude (original poster)

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Because this nail polish trick worked so well, and because i finally found some time to do it, i did the lettering of my trusted Ovomaltine shaker as well.

As you can see, the lettering has seen better times, and i dont fancy orange sprinkles in my fresh made Ovomaltine. so the old paint had to go.

A toothpick did it this time, as it really just was old, flaky paint on a smooth chrome surface. It crumbled away easily. If its real enamel, a bit more 'persuasion' may be required. Then i wiped it down with soapy water and started applying fresh paint.

...how people apply this onto their nails with these clumsy brushes without painting the whole fingertip is a miracle to me...

After a short coffee break, which allowed the paint to dry, i removed every excess with some rubbing alcohol, leaving just the paint in the recessed areas.

I'd say this looks pretty decent...

the whole process took about the time of heating up an espresso machine and having that first morning coffee. It even happened in the morning hours, you can tell by me still wearing my pajamas as seen in the all-reflecting convex chrome surface. But you got to do when you get to do it...Nail polish comes in all colors, and costs barely anything (if you leave out the well known brands). It only requires you having the guts to strip your irreplaceable badge from old paint. Once you've done it, you can repaint it infinite times, as nail polish is removed easily.

this is my tech tip for this morning. I wish you all a good day.
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Nice story. Nice trick! Thanks.


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Well done! :D

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Took me back to the1950's and the Carnation Ice Cream Fountain on Laurel Canyon across the street (or in the area of) the Sears shopping center. My grandparents would stop there when they were returning me home from a weekend visit. A vanilla malted was my "regular" order. I was about six years old.. maybe seven and sitting at the bar I took the straw, unwrapped one end, and blew the paper cover off. It flew up, did a loop, and stuck right into the hat of one of the women working behind the bar. Unbeknownst to her, the paper missile stuck right into her cute, little, white uniform hat.

Thanks for that memory!
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