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ira wrote:I assume the 2 black wires on the switch are the power in. If I'm wrong, use these instructions for those wires.

Check both of those wires to ground. Mark the one that's neutral.

Now check everything based off that neutral.

If you still get the same numbers, make sure that white is actually supposed to be neutral and then figure out where to connect the white to the switch so it's connected to neutral at all switch positions but off. I say that because wire coloring on Italian machines often bears no resemblance to what the US considers standard, though it does look like white should be common from the few pictures I can see. I assume it also connects to one side of the motor, solenoid and heater which would confirm that assumption.
ira thanks for the response. In the first picture I posted you can see the power cord in wires: black, white, and green. The two neighboring black wires receive power when the switch is on number 2. That power goes to the heating element circuit.

Did you say that correctly? I believe you are wrong on the wire description, so you want me to check both wires to ground? What do you mean mark the one that's neutral?

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I wanted to follow up because there's nothing more annoying than a forum post that goes dark.

I have solved the issue :D . As I mentioned before, the issue cropped up after we replaced the main power switch. Upon further inspection the NEW power switch did not have the same pins jumped as the old one. Having never messed with these type of switches before, it was extremely easy to overlook. I knew something with wrong with neutral circuit and after I put the old switch next to the new one it became obvious.

The old switch configuration had an extra set of pins jumped that the new switch did not. After I stole the jumper off the old switch and replaced it, everything worked like a charm. Thanks for everyone's input on this, I will update this post with the 'working' voltages measured at the Giemme for future reference.