Gen1 ode burr outfall reduction.

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I'm considering surface grinding some gen1 ode burrs to reduce the outfall. I'm curious to see if it significantly changes the flavor, or just enables finer grinding.
Has anyone done this or something similar?

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#2: Post by ira »

Not many people here have access to surface grinders so I've never heard of it. As long as you can still adjust the burrs I would think there is no downside to trying other than the minimal cost of a replacement set.


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I was going to try this with another burrset. Never did.

Give it a try and let us know.
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Miltonedgebert (original poster)

#4: Post by Miltonedgebert (original poster) »

Would anyone be interested in trying the modded burrs? I'm going to try to mod two or three sets to different depths. I think it would be really cool to pass them around and get multiple opinions.


#5: Post by Johnbenweber »

I purchased a used Ode cheap so I'm not sure if I got the v1.0 or v1.1 burr and couldn't positively identify one way or the other. It has the burr carrier that had to be modified to take a standard 64mm burr if that helps someone narrow it down.

I couldn't get a 15:250g V60 to drawn down for longer than about a minute and a half when set one click off chirp. I surface ground about 0.010" (~250um) off of the flat burr but left the interlocking burr alone.

Surface grinding in action:

Burrs before:

Burrs after:

After reinstalling and aligning that allowed me to get to about 2 min draw down at one click off of chirp. I wasn't satisfied running at the finest setting without room for adjustment so I splurged on a set of SSP cast LS and am working on seasoning those but have been happy thus far.

Miltonedgebert (original poster)

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Yes, I'm not the only one! I would have expected more change from removing .01", but if the interlocking side has most of the outfall it makes some sense. Thanks for sharing.


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Ha, I'm always game to try something interesting that's basically free. I vaguely remember someone in the massive Ode thread saying something about sanding the burrs down which is what made me think surface grinder. I would say the burr halves appeared to have about the same outfall before grinding so I was anticipating a bigger change. I would suggest removing the interlocking burr teeth and grinding more symmetrically if someone were interested in going down this path.