Gas pressure valve repair

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Has anyone restored such a valve?

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There are many uses for this kind of pressure regulator valve, very commonly for water and combustable gases (including welding gases). They can be repaired, but you will need to find a replacement diaphragm (the rubber disks in the photos) and seals. You also need to carefully clean them before reassembly.


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If you need to use gas for the espresso machine, I would suggest you buy a new certified gas regulator.
Less risk of fire and damage.
If that valve is to be part of an antique restoration, with no gas flowing through it. Then just polish it up.


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I've never seen a regulator like that in my welding adventures. I believe, though am happy to be proven wrong, that one side of that diaphragm connects to the top of the boiler and that regulator is what replaces the pressure stat on a gas espresso machine. I would love to get the gas setup for my Rancilio Classe 6 Lever, but they seem pretty rare. but that would make it the perfect outdoor party machine.

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That's exactly how it works. I really liked its simplicity, just a spring, membrane and pressure from the boiler do all the work of modern electric pressure switches. Clean and simple mechanics, it's great, can't wait to get it refurbished and working.

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