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Howdy y'all.

First time espresso machine owner here. Scooped up this Gaggia "OWC" in BEAUTIFUL condition for cheap. It's been in storage for a long time as I understand it, looks hardly used! I've been having a blast taking it down and cleaning/fixing it up. Love how analog it is.

So far so good, been cleaning all the parts mostly. The next big challenge will be taking the boiler out and cleaning the interior. Little intimidated, but what the heck. I guess what I'm worried of most is if it will leak after I put it back together. I'm not sure where to find the replacement gasket for the interior. This thing is challenging to find exact parts for since it's so old.

Also, it has a 5mm thick gasket around the grouphead (blue), but it looks like the go-to for most Gaggia grouphead gaskets now is 8.5mm. Different build these days. Anyone know where I could find one of those too?

Super novice, so if there is any other recommendations on maintenance I should give this machine, I'm all ears. I also plan to run descaler through it once it's all put back together of course. I'm not as concerned about getting the ABSOLUTE perfect espresso (yet.) Mainly concerned about drinking from a machine that's clean/safe.